Ashley Cascio

Ashley is the "Mom" of the operations and relates to the quote "super mom, super wife, super tired". She feels like managing all aspects of the company's finances is much like running a well organized household. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, her relationship with God is top priority and enjoys reading the Bible and the ministry work. She values honesty, loyalty, humor and optimism and makes it an effort to display these qualities in all the work she does. A born and raised California girl, Ashley has gone country, working remotely from her home in Temecula. As someone who has overcome an array of challenges in life, she has developed a daring and bold personality. With her high energy she enjoys living a life full of adventure with her husband, Joel, her son, Kennedy, and her two daughters, Morgan and Ella. She enjoys singing karaoke and camping in the desert with her family. With everything she brings to the table, Ashley is indisputably the spice of Rawls Construction.

"She is super fun to work with, there is always something happening. She is a loving and positive person, always ready to help and listen. We talk about everything and she is more than a co-worker, she's a great friend." - Hannah Goddard