Hugh Pluss

With 40 years of construction experience, Hugh is a jack of trades, however his passion is framing, foundation and structural repairs. There is a sense of accomplishment in these areas of expertise and he likes that at the end of a day's work there is something to show for it. "I like to see that something happened." He started off his career as a machinist but decided he wanted to work outdoors. Although he comes from a big family, he's single and ok with it. Gives him time for his hobbies, which change with his mood, but he can always find reasons to escape for anything that has an engine. Sports car racing is where it's at right now! Born in Canada, immigrated from Switzerland, raised in So Cal, giving him a very diverse background. "Rawls Construction is family, you don't find the kind of comradery that we have very much anymore, especially with brothers and sisters in the Christ." He hopes to continue to do what he loves for as long as he can. "This my bio, let's keep it short and sweet!"

"What I value about Hugh is that he's got his brothers back. He loves life in the construction industry and has a passion for engineering and building. He takes young bucks under his wing and loves to see others flourish in this industry. He is a bottom line kind of guy, no fluff, no time for games, poster child of a straight shooter and get to the bottom line. He's a bit of a salty dog, but knows how to show humility, he is honorable, a skilled and talented craftsman. He's an aggressive worker that gets the job done and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty." - Jason Rawls