Jason Rawls


As CEO and president of Rawls Construction, Jason oversees all aspects of the business from developing business leads and overseeing new construction and remodel jobs to developing a strong team of highly capable workers able to complete any high-scale construction job. A born and bred Texan, Jason bounced around from El Paso to Tuscola to Plainview to Abilene in his formative years. In Abilene, Jason met a man who turned his life around, allowing him to recognize his worth and instilling within him a sense of pride derived from hard work as a construction contractor. In 2005, Jason relocated to Thousand Oaks, California, where he's been residing with his family ever since.

Jason has completed multiple fire science courses, as well as an EMT course, and is currently obtaining his bachelor of science in business management. He's well-versed in the building sciences discipline and places a strong emphasis on ensuring that the products and practices used and implemented by Rawls Construction are current and up to date. You're only as good as the quality of your product, and for Jason, that means every detail. Alright, now for the fun part! In case you weren't sure if Jason was a hands-on sort of guy, you'll be interested to know that when he's not laying the foundation for a new bathroom suite, Jason enjoys hunting and fishing, and considers himself an avid bow hunter. And while Jason knows when it's time to be serious on the job, that doesn't stop him from getting a laugh from the crew. Esprit de corps can turn a tough day into a tough, but satisfying day.