Jerry Schommer

Jerry is an honest, down-to-earth, hard worker. At 63 years of age, he considers himself a "dinosaur" who has seen many sides to the world we live in. Jerry is a realist and finds joy in the simple things in life: hard work, traveling, and personal relationships. He was born and raised in the boonies of Reno, Nevada; hunting for his family's food was as normal as going grocery shopping. Being one of 7 boys in his family, it is no surprise that Jerry values people and relationships. Although he insists he is just an average guy trying to survive, Jerry has a big heart for those who need help, and he is very thankful for the years of life he has been given. His secret to living a good life?, "you have to push forward no matter what", and "time is change, many get complacent but if you get too comfortable, that is when you can expect the worst to happen". Jerry is a "tough old bird" who has been in tough places, he believes in walking with dignity and truth. Jerry has passed up job offers because they were with heartless corporations, and he feels the opposite toward Rawl's; his favorite part of working here is the brotherhood and genuine respect. Raising the next generation with these ideals is very important to Jerry; "they are what our future looks like."

"Jerry is a hard worker who is way above apprenticeship level. He's had a hard life but continues making great work relationships. He's hard working, strong willed, and endures like no other. He can be a grouchy old guy but he is a good honest man right down to the core." -Craig Wennerstrom